Fleet Management receives Certification of Appreciation from NI

The Nautical Institute (NI), an international professional organisation for maritime professionals, based in the United Kingdom, having over 7,000 members in over 110 countries, in an event held online, presented a certificate of appreciation to Fleet Management India Private Limited for its role in helping seafarers during the difficult situation of pandemic.

Ms Jillian C. Jackson- FNI President NI London, while praising the role of Fleet Management, also updated about the branches of NI and how they functioned locally, regionally and globally.

Capt. Prashant Rangnekar, COO, Elegant Marine Services, Mumbai office, which is the crewing arm of Fleet Management in India, thanked Capt Sudheer for appreciating him. He spoke about the DG, Amitabh Kumar, and the others on shore who were of great help during the pandemic. According to him 10,000 crew change has happened during this pandemic. He stated that his office was working hard to bring stranded seafarers from around the world back home.

Capt. Prashant Rangnekar is responsible for recruitment of Indian staff and under his guidance, EMSPL engages the Indian nationals at various ranks onboard FLEET vessels, which form majority of crew compliment on board Fleet managed vessels.

Capt. Vinod Naveen, AFNI, Secretary NI India-SW, welcomed everyone for the event. He spoke how most of the operations had come to a standstill due to the pandemic and its effect on all the industries across the globe. He spoke about the utmost need of kind hearted and strong personalities to overcome the challenges during this period and about the mental trauma that was faced by seafarers due to the sign on and the sign off issues. Capt Tom Joseph, Capt Tom Joseph, AFNI, Chairman, NI India-SW, spoke about how the seafarers have been stuck and are overdue for release. He disclosed that about 300,000 seafarers were stuck on board due to the pandemic and described how renowned companies have worked hard to get permissions from the governments to carry out crew change. He gave details of Fleet Management and how they functioned during the pandemic.

Capt. Tom spoke about Captain Prashant’s journey and how Fleet Management had progressed from a company with 16 ships to 600 ships.

Ms. Bridget Hogan, Director Publishing, NI-HQ, London, thanked Nautical Institute for inviting her for the event and welcomed all the panelists. She said safe vessel is an efficient vessel and an efficient vessel is a profitable one she averred. She spoke about the Navigator Magazine and its contents and urged all to derive benefit from the magazine.

Capt. M. S. Nagarajan, Executive Director, Fleet Management Ltd., spoke about crew change during the pandemic and emphasised on the importance of safety. He thanked the government of India and all maritime associations that extended help to the shipping industry. Capt. M. S. Nagarajan, suggested a policy wherein seafarers could travel visa free in the near future. He complimented ITF for availability of online Visa in Canada, New Zealand and Australia and briefed the issues faced by ship-owners during the pandemic.

Capt. Vikas Grewal, Director-Business Development Fleet Management Ltd., spoke about the vision of Fleet Management and the journey of Fleet Management during the past 25 years. He disclosed that the company was the second largest bulk and tanker carriers in the world and the 5th largest container carriers, with 25 offices in 12 countries. He shared a few slides that spoke about their tenure in the shipping Industry and their staff strength. Their two service focus areas are ship management and new building supervision. The slides outlined a list of operators that they work with. The slides also comprised the list of 108 clients and all the fleet management offices across the world. He informed about the fleet care initiative, the crisis response management, which is a 24 hour hotline available in India. It has been set up during the pandemic with the help of sailor’s society.

Capt. Parag Gangurde, Master, Fleet Management Ltd. and Mr. P. James Joseph, Chief Engineer, Fleet Management Ltd., gave an insight about the seafarers who are at sea.

Capt. Sudheer Naphade, Ex Nautical Advisor, GOI thanked Nautical Institute and Fleet Management India Prtivate Limtied for giving him the opportunity to be a part of the event. He was very impressed with the set of figures of the Fleet Management and their growth.

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