NI awards Anglo-Eastern Group with Certificate Of Appreciation

The Nautical Institute ( NI )conducted a webinar on September 5, 2020 to present Certificate Of Appreciation to Mr. Maneesh Pradhan, Managing Director, and Team AESM India in recognition of hard work, commitment and personal sacrifice in serving the need of fellow citizens around the world.

Capt. Vinod Naveen- AFNI Secretary, NI India SW branch welcomed, the over 9,200 participants, Anglo- Eastern Team both from shore and sailing staff, members from CMMI, IMEI, Mariner Society and NI India branches & overseas who had joined on Zoom meeting, Facebook and YouTube live telecast.

Capt. Abhijith Balakrishnan- AFNI Founder Secretary, NI India SW branch introduced & warm welcomed the distinguished speakers and conveyed gratitude for accepting the invitation.

Ms Jillian C. Jackson- FNI President NI London expressing her pleasure in participating in the event recognizing the efforts and hard work of maritime professionals, stated that NI had over 7000 members. She highlightedstrong presence of NI at IALA and their contribution to training & personal working group and E- Navigation for future digital technology.

Capt. S. Krishnamurthi- FNI Past President , NI London revealed that the NI was an association of practicing professionals both afloat and ashore and represented various expertise and best industry practices across the world with intention of aiding in safe, efficient and environment friendly operation of ships. He added, “One of the proud area for us is NI’s long set tradition to recognize, affiliate to accredit and to appreciate and applaud those pockets of excellence put in by individuals and organizations to make our seas safer, cleaner and most importantly happy through these meetings.”

Capt. Niraj Nanda- Director, Crew Management AESM, Hong Kong, in his short presentation highlighted that Anglo Eastern was the largest Ship Management company across the world with HQ in Hong Kong and ship management centers across Asia, Europe and Canada and technical marine centers in USA, Brazil, Australia and Russia. Presently it managed 850 ships with 640+under Technical Management and remaining on crew management. Anglo Eastern, he declared, had a total of 16 crewing offices across Asia,Europe and UK; India being the biggest hub.

AE employs 28,000 total seafarers with 20,000 from India. Its Training Institutes in India have over 50 competency and value added course. He disclosed that AE Mariner App was widely used by seafarers to connect offices that can synergize information related to all work.

AE has Asset team which promoted health care, connected families and built relationships on board. Awarded best foreign employer of seafarers and Most compassionate employer numerous times, AE looked forward to serve global community and the seafarers, he concluded.

Capt. Vinay Singh- Group Managing Director HR Sea Staff AESM, Hong Kong said “It was indeed a pleasure working in India. When I joined AE, we had 10 ships and today it has over 850+ ships in its Fleet”.

He stated this was due to the efforts of the organisation to serve the people. The company operated on three philosophies, he said and cited them as: 1.Take care of people 2. Take care of ships 3. Take care of the seas.
He disclosed, “Our Chairman, Mr Peter Cremers in one of seminar was asked why did you come to India and have so many people from India. His answer was that seafaring is the life of the seafarers in India. People actually like the seafaring life and it is good to see that the Company continues to grow on the strength of Indian seafarers.”
He shared the short presentation on the Key points in the Anglo-Eastern ( AE ) group. He conveyed sincere gratitude to NI for officiating the appreciation event.

Capt. Hrisheet Barve- Master, AESM, sharing his experience on Covid pandemic, stated that he was on board as Master when the outbreak has started in China. Most of crew on his vessel were over due for relief. The uncertainty of crew relief was affecting some of the crew members but as they were able to maintain a continuous communication with their family members due to concerted efforts of the office, they continued to perform their duties efficiently. As the situation progressed, Anglo Eastern managed to arrange 17 crew relief at Cochin by diverting the fully loaded vessel to Cochin. He thanked the shore team for their efforts in making the crew change possible in the tough environment.

Mr. Himadri Biswas- Chief Engineer, AESM expressed how on board crew were reassured that they are in safe hands of Anglo-Eastern, a company which had a reputation of being the most compassionate employer. He added that Crew change was done at utmost priority, clearing all hurdles, with office working 24×7. He along with his family and colleagues expressed sincere thanks by stating, “Kudos to Anglo-Eastern!”

Mrs Naomi Rewari- Director, ARI thanked NI for inviting her to be part of the felicitation function and congratulated NI for such events which sent signals of encouragement to the industry. She congratulated Capt. Nanda, Capt Vinay Singh, Mr. Maneesh Pradhan and the entire AE team for their excellent work during the pandemic. She added, -“ This certificate of appreciation is really well deserved and we hope this will merchandise them and will continue to encourage them to work with same dedication as the world has still to face many ups and down. Keep it up and really well done!”

Mr. Asish Wankede- MMD & former DDG Training, DG Shipping thanking NI for inviting him to be a psrt of the celebration, appreciated the timely closure on MTIs and getting the students back home and congratulated DG Mr Amitabh Kumar and DDG Mr Daniel Joseph for getting SOP and various approval in place. He complimented AE team for keeping good motivation among seafarers and operating the ships with all safety precautions in ongoing Covid pandemic. He suggested to prepare procedures under disaster management for crewing and manning companies
Thereafter, a Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Mr. Maneesh Pradhan, MD AESM and Team AESM through digital technology by Capt Vinod Naveen.

Ms Jillian Jackson, Capt. S. Krishnamurthi and MrbSabyasachi Hajara EX CMD/ SCI, congratulated AESM.
Mr. Maneesh Pradhan- Managing Director AESM, India expressed honor to be recognized for the efforts made by Anglo-Eastern for facilitating the crew changes in the present time of pandemic. “It was one of the toughest time experienced by AE Team but definitely among the most satisfying one, simply because we managed to reunite so many families and providing employment to thousands of seafarers,” he declared. He added that over 200 chartered flights were used and crew changes were executed at 278 ports across the world with first crew change for 548 ships. For this, he thanked the DG of shipping Mr. Amitabh Kumar , DDG Daniel Joseph and others at directorate. He also expressed his gratitude to owners and individuals for this support. He also conveyed gratefulness to MASSA, FOSMA and VRM who were instrumental in arranging the chartered flights. “Above all admiration and deep gratitude to our dear seafarers and families who believed in us” he concluded.

Capt. Tom Joseph- AFNI, Chairman NI India SW branch proposed a vote of thanks.

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