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Maritime Destination has been serving the industry, in several forms, for over two decades. We have been highlighting the importance of the industry and aiding in the offshore and onshore sectors establish closer links with each other. Our publication has been reaching out to the ministry and authorities, signifying the importance of the industry and providing information and guidelines to the governing bodies for promoting the industry. Its effort has been to enlighten the authorities on how it can help he industry to enable it to serve the nation more ably.

We have also made efforts to bring a rapport between the shore and sailing staff by conducting webinars, “Connecting Sea and Shore” at regular intervals. The effort a these webinars – which was last time conducted offline, I as a seminar – is also to establish closer relations between the seafarers on shore as well as offshore - and the authorities, like the D.G. Shipping et al.

publication has also brought into focus the importance of authors by organising an awards night – Honouring Authors – regularly.

And now to enable the hardworking seafarers to get better jobs, more suited to their skills we are launching the Job site portal.