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Capt Kiriti Guha

Tribute to Capt Kiriti Guha

June 16, was a day of bereavement for the shipping industry as Capt Kiriti Guha, Founding Chairman of FOSMA and former Chairman of Wallem Ship Management departed for his heavenly abode.

Revered for his services to the maritime industry, the doyen of the Indian Shipping world will be remembered for his memorable services to improve and boost the image of the maritime industry.

It may be mentioned that The Foreign Ship-owners Representatives and Ship Managers Association (FOSMA) was established in India in 1989 with the following objectives:

To develop, promote and protect the business activities and the interest of foreign owners and ship managers operating in India.

To encourage and promote cordial relationship and unanimity among representatives of foreign owners and ship managers on all subjects involving their common good.

Prior to establishment of FOSMA, till the late 1950s Indian Officers predominately manned Indian Flag Vessels while the Indian Ratings for over a century were manning foreign ships. The 60s saw a new trend wherein services of Indian Officers started to be requisitioned for foreign flag ships.

Representatives of Foreign Shipowners and Managers had no real representation with the administration regarding matters relating to Officers Certification and other matters. With certification matters becoming more stringent there was a need for continuous dialogue with governmental departments for complying with national and international rules and regulations concerning education, training standards, recruitment procedures, certificate procedures etc. meet the above an association of Foreign Owners Representatives and Shipmanagers Association (FOSMA) was formed on 3rd Nov 1989, with Capt Kiriti Guha as the Founder Chairman.

From small beginnings, under the leadership of the founding chairman, Capt Kiriti Guha, FOSMA has today risen to its present eminent position comprising of thirty three companies as members which represents a majority of Indian Seafarers working on Foreign Flag vessels.

As the former Chairman of Wallem Ship Management he was also responsible for the progress of the company. Since pioneering the concept of third-party ship management at the beginning of the last century, Wallem Group has become one of the most experienced providers of technology-driven maritime solutions in the world. The company’s success and industry-leading track record are driven by three core values: to deliver quality through safety; transparency through technology; and service through support.

Maritime Destination offers its condolences to his near and dear ones.

May his soul rest in peace!